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Welcome. Thank you for visiting. This site is just a snapshot of what makes me tick, but I hope that it is informative in some way.

I am known mainly as an actor and producer of theater and film, TV host, and scientist. I am indeed each and all of these things but also much more. Like you, I am a person, not a product. My identity is very sacred to me, so please see me as a human first rather than trying to figure out what my "brand" is.

I am always interested in prospects of quality art and science, and I love to collaborate. Therefore, if you would like to work with me, please drop me a line. I'll be glad to hear from you.

As for what lights my fire, I constantly dwell on the shortness of life. It makes me hell-bent on exploration and extracting as much out of my life as possible: Adventure. Knowledge. Fun. Passion. Accomplishment.

To that end, there have been two major pieces of advice that do a pretty good job at characterizing how I go about my pursuits:

1) The first was from my dad when I left home for college for the first time. Before departing, he said, "Remember. Keep your eye on the prize." I've always been a dreamer anyway. In that vein, I hope I never grow up. Life isn't about prizes to me, but I do find myself very goal-oriented. I suppose what characterizes my efforts is that I don't look at any accomplishment as impossible or improbable. I look at it as probable as long as I'm smart and industrious about it.

2) The second piece of advice is how I go about the first. It was from a martial arts instructor long ago. "Don't ever settle for second best at anything you do." So I did what you do in the martial arts - I said "Yes sir," and I have tried very hard at that ever since.

As for what really matters, instead of all of this rambling about selfish interests, I have my mom to thank for her influence on me. She is the major one who instilled in me from a young age the importance of sympathy and empathy. My constant thoughts about the underdog are largely because of her.

Lastly, I should mention that I take myself seriously. Very, vewy, sewiously.


Brendan Dunphy

Others' Words

  • "Brendan was excellent."

    - Martin McDonagh, Oscar-winning filmmaker and Tony-nominated playwright, on Brendan's performance in THE PILLOWMAN

  • "Brendan is a star."

    - Steve Michaels, Founder/President of Emmy-winning ASYLUM ENTERTAINMENT

  • "As far as talent goes, Brendan is one of the best that has ever walked through our doors."

    - Alex Piper, Emmy-winning TV Producer at ASYLUM ENTERTAINMENT

  • "Brendan is one of the best talent that I've ever worked with. He's a star."

    - Rob Katz, Executive Producer of ESPRESSO ENTERTAINMENT

  • "He maintains his schedule with a level of energy that few can match."

    - JUICE

  • "It was obvious from the start that he had a special talent."


  • "I've seen a lot of actors pass through here. And some have been good. I mean, some have been very, very good. And in all the years I've been here, in the thirty-five years that I have been a professor at Iowa State University... he's the best. He's the best."

    - Patrick Gouran, Professor Emeritus, IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY

  • "He was obsessively-compulsively amazing as a student. A dream student. He's talented. He's intelligent. He's really hard-working. He's got a look which Hollywood would embrace. The world really is his oyster."

    - Sarah Zwick-Tapley, Harvard University AMERICAN REPERTORY THEATER

  • "Say just anything you like about Brendan Dunphy; just don't ever say he isn't serious. Or crazy. After all, for him, one has the feeling that's a compliment."


  • "Out of a sort of obsession that had taken hold of him, The Martin McDonagh Project was born. To capture authenticity is to capture an essence, and honesty, a purity that I think Brendan sees in ways that others either don't or don't care to."


  • "He is a great example of what the theater scene in Des Moines needs: people not afraid to take risks."

    - Zachary Mannheimer, Founder/Executive Director, DES MOINES SOCIAL CLUB

  • "He's our go-to actor. He just has tremendous energy, tremendous focus. When Brendan starts slacking, he's only at 109 percent."

    - Matt McIver, Artistic Director/Education Director, DES MOINES SOCIAL CLUB

  • "He is a wonderful asset to the Iowa theater community."

    - Ron Lambert, Founder/Artistic Director, STAGEWEST THEATER COMPANY

  • " He is a gentleman and a fine actor."

    - Richard Maynard, Managing Director, REPERTORY THEATER OF IOWA

  • "Brendan’s special quality as an actor rests in the fact that he creates people on stage and screen. Not personalities, not characters, not entertainment ‘stars.’ This is a rare quality in an actor, and Brendan Dunphy has it."

    - Patrick Gouran, Professor Emeritus, IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY

  • "He had a 4.0 GPA throughout college and attained three bachelor's degrees in zoology, animal ecology, and entomology. He works as an entomologist at Iowa State, studying primarily mosquitoes... He auditioned for his first play, and he landed the lead role. This was destiny happening...All his performances are fantastic."


  • "Someday, people might know Brendan Dunphy as the guy who wrote the book on mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases in Iowa."


  • “Like everything else he does, Brendan throws himself into his lab work with tremendous passion. He’s talented enough that he can do exactly what he wants to do. No one can compare to him in terms of what he knows about mosquitoes in Iowa.”

    -Dr. Lyric Bartholomay, Medical Entomologist and Director of IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY MEDICAL ENTOMOLOGY LABORATORY